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Newborn Brothers is introducing our new HybridTech Series. Innovative patent pending design has a rigid steel frame with a specially designed composite handle giving you a lightweight gun with the strength of steel.

Unlike fully composite/plastic guns on the market which flex and bend with every trigger squeeze, causing a loss of energy and increasing your workload, the patents pending design on the HybridTech Series eliminates that completely. The HybridTech Series utilizes steel and composite materials where they are needed, helping to increase your productivity. They also come equipped with a dual component comfort grip, a spout cutter and a seal puncture tool for added comfort and convenience.

Available in 3 styles: Ratchet (Model 288-HTR); Drip-Free (Model 212-HTD);  and All Purpose (Model 211-HTS).


Our Limited Edition CAMO and FLAME 620AL's are still in stock. Get them while they last.

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